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Our work and expertise in natural systems assessment and management, environmental impact assessment and monitoring, agricultural development, climate change management, conservation and rehabilitation is unrivaled. Our goal is to ensure that sustainable solutions are implemented to conserve and improve resources and natural systems for generations to come.

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Not all risks can be engineered out of the work best quality outdoor kettle grill covers environment.  Even with the best plans, procedures and systems in place, individuals at work still take short cuts and make mistakes. Sometimes risk-taking behavior is intentional, for whatever reason. In other cases, risks may be taken due to a lack of understanding about a particular hazard, associated controls or inadequate training. To individual workers, such risk-taking can result in injury, ill-health ideas for cause and effect essays and fatalities. To the organisation, some of the many costs can include lost time, damage to machinery, litigation, and prosecution. If unchecked, these costs can escalate.


We Offer some courses which can help any organisation to improve  safety culture.

Our experience of working with a wide range of companies, with different issues, means that we can offer what your organisation needs, both now and in the future.


Word From CEO

Since, working in a safe and healthful Environment can stimulate innovation and creativity and result in increased performance and higher productivity, we are in a Tyba embrace a range of smart solutions and services through introducing aids and advises through range of safe systems and procedures of preventive and corrective measures that contribute to obtain this goal.


Wael Tyba
Ceo & Founder

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